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Creativity requires freedom – the freedom to think and the freedom to feel. Leigh Ferguson values freedom – the freedom to travel and to make music, the freedom to immerse herself in the colours and shapes of contemporary life and to twist them into something else. In this way, she has been honing her creativity for longer than she cares to remember and relishing her independence since 2001. It is this creative freedom that allows her to pre-empt trends rather than to follow them, to pioneer styles rather than to adopt signatures.
In the early 1990s, Leigh Ferguson founded a salon partnership in Glasgow described by Face magazine as the ‘avant garde gurus of our time’. Prior to this, she worked as a colour consultant for l’Oreal in Britain and Ireland, winning prizes for her work. Head-hunted by another international company, she crossed the Atlantic to manage and train a large team of stylists. And it was here, while working in some of the top venues in the US and Canada, in Milan, Paris and London, that she helped to develop and market a new product line that is still a bestseller in the US and UK.
It is this unique combination of freedom and experience that allows Leigh Ferguson to be so responsive to the needs of her clients. Whether working for private individuals, for film or television, for fashion shows or magazines, she is able to interpret the most complex requests.
Murmurs from the underground may have reached you across a crowded room in Manhattan, on a catwalk in London or in a nightclub in Glasgow. And it is here, in the degrees of separation between artists and models and DJs, that the hidden hand of Leigh Ferguson resides.
Rebecca Gordon-Nesbitt 2005